Beyond the Box Score: Brown’s Rough Start

Domonic Brown has been in back in the big leagues for three days, and has only made one start.  He had just made it to Philadelphia on Friday, got the start Saturday and didn’t start Sunday against a left-handed starter.

In his one start, Brown went 0-4, but it was what wasn’t obvious in the box score that was concerning.

In the first inning, with Ryan Howard at the plate, Brown was on first base with two outs.  Brown is fast and athletic, but he is not a polished base stealer.  On a 1-2 pitch, Brown tried to steal second base and was thrown out on an inning ending clear-cut play at the bag.

When Howard led off the second inning with a screaming line-drive homer to right field, he showed the young outfielder why you don’t steal with Howard at the plate unless you know you’re going to make it.  Although Brown was on first base, you are always in scoring position with The Big Piece at bat.

In his next at bat, Brown struck out swinging, but the ball rolled away from Rangers’ catcher Mike Napoli.  Now, the ball didn’t go far, but Brown didn’t even drop the bat and try to run to first.  He walked straight back to the dugout, bat in hand.

These two anecdotes don’t mean Brown won’t have a good year or a great, long career.  But, it just goes to show that he is still a rookie with a lot to learn.

Just one piece of advice to Brown, talk with Jimmy Rollins about how Charlie Manuel reacts to a lack of hustle.

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