Afternoon Practice Update

(Updated 6:03pm)

The Eagles held their afternoon practice as scheduled.  It was a quick one hour and fifteen minute “10/10/10” practice.

Over on a separate practice field, while the offense and defense practiced in front of the crowds, the special teams unit raised a few eyebrows.  David Akers and Sav Rocca switched roles.  Rocca practiced kicking field goals with Akers in the holder’s position.  This was certainly to give Rocca, who will likely be Akers’ backup in case of an injury.  Rocca hit a long field goal from 43 yards.

During punt return practice, one fan yelled out, “Hey DeSean Jackson! Devin Hester’s got nothing on you!”  Jackson gave a thumbs up and continued to impress as he has throughout training camp.

The Eagles cancelled morning practice today due to a water main break which has left the practice fields at Lehigh University flooded. 

The break occurred next to the fields inside the locker room building.  There is currently no water running in the building.  As of 10:15 am, crews were working on clearing up any flooding on the field.  However, it began to lightly rain a few minutes later, which, if it becomes any heavier, could hinder the process. There is no official word on whether afternoon practice will be held.



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