Manny Mania!

Manny Being Manny

It just wouldn’t be right to have Manny Ramirez in the news without drama and mystery.  The powerful and colorful slugger from Beantown seems to be interested in a trade – anywhere.

Ramirez went so far as to say he would play in Iraq if it meant he could create more drama and keep himself in the headlines.

Back to reality, or as close as we can get to reality when talking about Manny Ramirez trade rumors, there are mixed reports as to the Phillies’ interest in Ramirez.

Yesterday, Jon Heyman of Sports Illustrated reported that the Phillies are the leaders in the Manny sweepstakes. followed up today in their ‘Truth and Rumors’ section that the Phillies remain the front runners for Ramirez.

However, the New York Times reports the Phillies will pass on Manny.

ESPN’s Jayson Stark talked with a Phillies official who claimed the team had no interest in bringing Ramirez to Philadelphia.

Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports believes it is a long-shot that the Red Sox trade their slugger before the deadline.

Todd Zolecki of the Philadelphia Inquirer reports the Phillies have at least talked about the possibility of Manny being Manny in Philly.

Will the Phillies add Ramirez to a lineup Charlie Manuel can only dream about?  Probably not.  But, with Manny, you never know what could happen.


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