Joe Pa in trouble in Happy Valley?

Joe Paterno

The Pittsburgh Post Gazette reports today that a feature on ESPN’s Outside the Lines may mean big trouble for Penn State coach Joe Paterno.

The show investigated the number and magnitude of criminal activities by Penn State football players since 2002 and questions whether Paterno has lost control of his team.  Another allegation involves a member of the coaching staff sending out a text message trying to keep the team in line while using Paterno’s name behind his back.


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One response to “Joe Pa in trouble in Happy Valley?

  1. PSU guy

    Oh, for crying out loud… Bob Smizik wrote that article for the Pittsburgh Post Gazette! Dude… Pittsburgh!! All the sportswriters in that city have it out for Penn State and JoePa. They think it’s their JOB to bring Penn State down!

    Honestly… you CANNOT take anything written about Penn State in a Pittsburgh paper and expect it to be even close to credible or valid! Come on!!!

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