Manny to Philly?

Manny Ramierz

The New York Post reports the most likely trade partner for the Red Sox in a Manny Ramirez deal is the Phillies.

Ramirez, who has a no trade clause, may only accept a trade to Philadelphia to play for his former manager Charlie Manuel the Post reports.

If the Phillies land Manny and pick up his $20 million option for 2009, it would likely be the end of Pat Burrell in Philadelphia.  If they don’t take the option, he’s a rental player.  Either way, Charlie Manuel would enjoy ‘hitting season’ as he calls it with this potential lineup:

1- Rollins

2 – Victorino

3 – Utley

4 – Ramirez

5 – Howard

6 – Burrell

7 – Feliz

8 – Ruiz / Coste

9 – Pitcher

While this may sound like the most potent lineup in baseball, remember that Manny is not having a great year.  He is hitting .298 with 19 homers and 63 RBI.  He has also missed a few games recently with an injured knee and is 36 years old.

I thought, well, at least he would smoke the ball out of Citizens Bank Park.  Well, not exactly.  Over the last three years, Ramirez is a .240 hitter at CBP with 3 home runs and 9 RBI.

A trade to land Ramirez would likely cost you prospects on the level of Carrasco, Donald, Marson, Golson, Happ, etc.

That doesn’t sound like a great trade, but it is still possible Manny could be Manny in Philly.


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