Stark: Casey at the Bat in Philly?

Casey Blake

UPDATED (6:35am)

Jayson Stark further reports that the Phillies could have landed lefty reliever Alan Embree from Oakland as a part of the Joe Blanton trade if they included top prospect Jason Donald.  Embree is 38 years old with a 4.26 ERA.  The Phillies turned down that portion of the deal.

Stark reports the Phillies continue to look for help in the southpaw reliever department.  The names being mulled are Brian Fuentes, George Sherrill, Damaso Marte, and Jack Traschner.

I think Marte and Traschner are the most attractive options because they would likely not cost you the top level prospects Baltimore wants for Sherrill and Colorado is seeking for Fuentes.  Additionally, Marte and Traschner have comparable stats.


ESPN’s Jayson Stark is reporting that the Phillies are certainly not trading for Matt Holliday and have also cooled their interest in Xavier Nady.

He reports the Phillies are interested in a “Casey Blake like bat”.

Take that for what it is worth.  I’m not sure if that means they are making a play for Blake, but it shows that they are not looking for a serious bat to make a difference such as Holliday or Nady.

Blake, a right handed first baseman, is hitting .287 with 11 homers and 58 RBI.  He is a career .265 hitter.


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