Rollins Benched for Being Late

Jimmy Rollins

The Daily News is reporting that Jimmy Rollins was benched for being late today.  He showed up at Shea Stadium only one hour prior to the start of today’s game.

Rollins first came under fire for his behavior when he did not run out a ball that was popped up in the outfield.  He was benched and he took it like a man.  Last week, Rollins appeared to coast into third base when it was possible that he could have scored with some hustle.  That could have given the Phillies the win.  Now, he’s late for a game against the New York Mets with first place on the line.

Rollins needs to be benched and fined so that it becomes clear that this behavior will not be tolerated.  There is a little too much J-Roll attitude lately from Rollins. 

Jimmy, you were the MVP in 2007.  Look at your calendar!  The rubber chicken awards circuit is over.  It is almost August and the team is in second place.  Get it together!

This is a time when Aaron Rowand is missed the most.  He would have spoken up and told Rollins that his actions would not be accepted.  In the absence of Rowand, who will do that?  The soft spoken Chase Utley?

This team needs a leader soon.  Rollins is no leader.  It’s time for someone on this team to find their voice and speak up.  Call a team meeting and work out these issues.

When you are playing with first place on the line, remembering how close it was last year, and you are facing the New York Mets, you should be at the park early for extra batting practice and film sessions.  Rollins claims he left ten minutes after the second team bus.  Why?  Get on the team bus and be a team player.

Follow Charlie Manuel’s two rule: hustle and be on time.

Jimmy Rollins


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One response to “Rollins Benched for Being Late

  1. Jimmy Rollins needs to wake up. This behavior is completely unacceptable, especially from a reigning MVP. Eric Bruntlett should start over him this weekend. It’s not like Rollins has done much at the plate lately anyway. Sure, the double to give the Phils the lead on Tuesday night was great. But, it’s one game.

    Wake up Jimmy, it’s 2008. 2007 is over! Stop ‘J-Rollin’ along and start playing ball.

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