Can the Phillies Still Get Fuentes?

Brian Fuentes

It is unclear whether the Phillies still have the pieces or initiative to land the Rockies’ southpaw reliever Brian Fuentes.

The Denver Postbelieves the Phillies no long have the pieces to land Fuentes.  However, the San Francisco Chroniclethinks the Phillies could still make a deal with Colorado.  Since the Phillies didn’t send Oakland their top prospects in the Joe Blanton deal, the Chronicle maintains, the Phillies still could make a genuine push for Fuentes.

If a Fuentes deal would involve Carrasco, Bastardo, Savery, Drabek, Donald, Marson or Golson I would not make the deal.  You can’t lose Cardenas, Outman, and some of these top prospects in return for Blanton and Fuentes.  If this was for Sabathia a few weeks ago it is a different story.

ESPN Rumor Central reportsthe Phillies, after landing Blanton, will focus on getting another arm for the bullpen (could that be Fuentes?) and another bat. 

The bat will likely be a bench or platoon player to replace So Taguchi on the bench.


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