Chase may further ignite rivalry

Do you know the All-Star second baseman of the Phillies?

I’ll give you some hints.  He’s the one with no personality.  The one who gives the most PC press conferences on the team.  The quite, reserved, go about his business guy wearing number 26.  The same guy who wants to save the animals and the environment.

One more hint.  He’s on the front page on the Philadelphia Inquirer Sports Section after being heard cursing at the New York fans who booed him after being introduced before last night’s Home Run Derby.

It wasn’t quite a Jesse Jackson moment, but Utley didn’t hold back his emotion when hearing a cascade of boos coming from Yankee Stadium.

Mets fans need no more excuses to hate Utley, who played a large part in the Phillies comeback in 2007 to steal the NL East from the Mets.  Now, Utley will certainly be hearing these boos even louder the next time he comes to the plate at Shea Stadium.

Utley, a fan favorite in Philadelphia, may have just earned himself a little more credibility with blue coller Philadelphia fans.  Fans love his gritty and hard nosed style of play, but he was still seen as a little soft.  He would go out and make Jimmy Rollins level comments to stir up a rivalry.  Now, Utley has mixed it up a little bit.  ESPN had a five second delay for the derby, but they were live when Utley cursed during the player introductions.  Utley did apologize for his comments.  His introduction as the starting second baseman of the National League team should be fun tonight.


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