Phillies Interested in Burnett, Arroyo, and Washburn

The Phillies are interested in pitchers A.J. Burnett, Bronson Arroyo, and Jarrod Washburn according to

This is bad news for Phillies fans.  These types of pitchers are not the answer.  Burnett is a ‘big name’, but guess what else is big?  His ERA!

Burnett: 8-8, 4.92 ERA, 111 K

Arroyo: 6-7, 5.82 ERA, 91K

Washburn: 4-8, 5.03 ERA, 61 K

The goal, Mr. Gillick, is to improve the pitching staff.  Adam Eaton has a 5.20 ERA.  The average ERA of this group of pitchers is 5.25.

There is no reason to unload quality prospects to rent a pitcher with statistics that may be slightly better than Eaton and come in to be a #4 or #5 starter.

If the answer isn’t there or we don’t have the chips to land him, don’t make a trade just to make a trade.  Go out and land Rockies’ reliever Brian Fuentes and give JC Romero, who is hurt, a break.

You’re move, Mr. Gillick.


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