What Last Night Taught Us

Last night was the most important night of the season.

Not only did the Marlins get within 1.5 games while the Mets are all of the sudden back in the race at 2.5 games back, but it showed the true state of the pitching staff.

In Philadelphia, we saw Adam Eaton take the Phillies out of the game early with a dismal outing.  Yet, the resilient Phillies offense brought them back to life before falling just one run short of a miracle comeback.  This offense, especially in this park, is never out of a game.  The starter just needs to give the lineup a chance.  Eaton did not deliver.

Sixty miles away, in the Lehigh Valley, the Phillies Opening Day Starter, Brett Myers was pitching well.  The only problem?  It was for their AAA team.

Cole Hamels is an ace.

Moyer is a steady veteran.

Kendrick is a solid young righty who always gives the team a chance to win.

Now, all you need is two more starters.  Honestly, I think Myers can be one of the answers.  After the All-Star break, I think he will come ‘Back with a Vengeance’ like his orange and black South Philly brethren.

For those keeping score at home, we’re 4/5 of the way there.  The Phillies need one top starter to really make a run at October glory in 2008.

A.J. Burnett?

Erik Bedard?

It’s your last trading deadline, Pat Gillick.  Make a splash (not in a little puddle).


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