Elton Brand or Josh Smith

If the 76ers had their choice between Elton Brand and Josh Smith, who should they go for?  Let’s compare the numbers.

                                                        Elton Brand                                                 Josh Smith

Age                                                       29                                                               22

Height                                                  6’8”                                                             6’9”

Weigh                                                  254                                                              235

Career Points/Game                            20.3                                                             13.6

Career Rebounds / Game                    10.2                                                              7.4

Career Blocks / Game                          2.1                                                               2.6

Career Field Goal %                             .505                                                              .445

Career Free Throw %                           .738                                                              .703


Despite obviously better numbers, consider that Elton Brand is 7 years older than Josh Smith and coming off of surgery on his left Achillies’ tendon which caused him to miss all but 8 games last season.  However, Smith isn’t the same interior presence as Brand who is much bulkier.  Smith, however, would make the Sixers the most athletic run and gun team in the league.  Think Phoenix Suns of the past few years at the Wachovia Center wearing red and blue.

My take:  If the Sixers’ doctors are convinced with 100% certainty that Brand’s Achillies’ tendon is fine I would go for the big man from L.A.  However, either player would give the 76ers instant credibility in the Eastern Conference. 

If the 76ers were able to land Brand or Smith, they would have quite a potent lineup:


1 – Andre Miller / Lou Williams


2 – Willie Green / Andre Iguodala


3 – Andre Iguodala / Thaddeus Young


4 – Elton Brand or Josh Smith / Marreese Speights


5 – Samuel Dalembert / Reggie Evans



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One response to “Elton Brand or Josh Smith

  1. Travis

    Elton Brand of course he’s much better than Josh Smith.

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