Greinke and Bedard on Phillies Radar

Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports reports that the Phillies are interested in trading for Royal’s starter Zack Greinke.  Greinke, who battled personal issues earlier in his career, is having a career year in Kansas City.  Greinke would bring a 7-4 record with a 3.40 (American League) ERA and a solid K-BB ratio.

According to ESPN’s Jayson Stark, the Phillies sent their director of professional scouting to Atlanta to watch Erik Bedard pitch.  Stark reports that other teams such as the Yankees are being deterred by Bedard’s widely reported personality issues.  Bedard has not been spectacular this year posting a 4-4 record and a 3.97 ERA.

The Phillies remain one of five finalists to land Rockies’ southpaw reliever Brian Fuentes.  The Yankees, Red Sox, Mets, and A’s are also interested in the lefty.

In other news, according to, Barry Bonds has offered his services to play for all 30 teams in Major League Baseball.  Bonds has gone as far as to say he would play for the league minimum and donate his salary for kids to watch baseball games.  Is this a new Barry Bonds?  No.  Bonds just wants to get his name back in the news and get back on the diamond.  If Bonds was truly interested in donating to charity for less fortunate kids to get to see baseball games he could just cut a check at any time.

Let’s play a game.  Remember as kids you would get two pictures and find the differences between the two.  Hint: The baseball jersey is not the only difference!


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