Myers Awful, Flyers Sign Carter

It’s not a coincidence.  When Brett Myerstakes the mound, the Phillies don’t win.  The Phillies are now 4-13 in games Myers started.

With the Phillies in a slump, you need your Opening Day starter to give you quality innings.  What do you get from Myers?

2 innings, 5 earned runs, and 4 walks.

Myers is now saddled with a 5.84 ERA.

Something needs to change.  If it’s an injury, send him to the DL.  If it’s mechanics, let him miss a start or two and try to get things under control.  Myers is putting up 2007 Adam Eaton like numbers and it is unacceptable.

Luckily, for Myers, the offense bailed him out to prevent him from getting the loss.  However, when the Phillies’ struggling offense puts 7 runs on the board there is no excuse to lose the game.

“It’s like a broken record with Brett Myers,” said Larry Andersen following the loss.

In Flyers news, the team signed Jeff Carter to prevent him from testing restricted free agency.  The deal is reportedly for 3 years at $15 million.  Carter proved his worth this year during the time Mike Richards was injured.  Additionally, Carter was one of the Flyers’ best two way players during their deep playoff run.

Paul Hagan writes about the Astros’ decision to terminate the contract of Shawn Chacon after his attack on (former Phillies) General Manager Ed Wade.


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